Opening Asia To Superyachts

About Us

Asia- Pacific Superyacht Association (APSA) is the leading professional and regional yacht industry association for Asia; and the first ever cross-country association established in Asia.


  • We work to actively promote our members who are Asian yacht businesses and for worldwide yacht businesses that want to do business in Asia.
  • We promote the South, South East and Eastern Asia region to the global superyacht community as one of the world’s three main cruising regions.
  • This is achieved through collaborative promotional activities, sponsored social events and international yacht shows such as Monaco, Fort Lauderdale, Singapore and Thailand Yacht Show; and direct promotional activities year round to proactively connect our members with Captains and Owners.

Virtual boat shows and online webinars are a way of life now, and go some way to keeping us connected, but it’s not the same as the sensational buzz that you get when attending events like the Monaco Yacht Show!

2020 is proving to be a good year for Simpson Marine in Hong Kong with many clients and owners deciding to start their first or next boating adventure earlier than initially planned and enjoy their “now” time

Benetti it is the first major player in the industry to return to steel, which it has imprinted in its DNA, breathing life into the new generation of Expedition yachts know as B.Yond, designed in the Benetti tradition and based on what owners want.

The Thai Government cabinet on Tuesday (September 15) agreed to allow in foreign tourists who agree to a 14-day quarantine to stay for at least 90 days. Two extensions will be available for 90 days each; the lengthiest period for the new visa would be 270 days.

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