Fuegy Limited

Room 201, Wah Yuen Building, 149 Queens Road, Hong Kong.

Company Profile

<p><strong>Fuegy is Hong Kong’s premier bunkering and commercial fuel provider for the marine industry.</strong></p> <p>Founded by marine professionals and run by a knowledgable & friendly team of westerners and locals, Fuegy is the safest, most reliable and only quality controlled fuelling operation in Hong Kong.</p> <p>Everything we do at Fuegy has been specifically tailored by marine experts to ensure maximum personal, vessel & engine protection:</p> <ul> <li>The Most Competitive Pricing in Hong Kong</li> <li>Quality Controlled Bunkering</li> <li>Sealed Calibrated Meter Guaranteeing Accuracy</li> <li>Chevron, Shell & SinoPec Euro V Diesel<br>(<0.001% Sulphur Only)</li> <li>Full Protection with West Marine Fenders & Anti-scuff Pads</li> <li>Fuel Polishing & Filtration System on Primary Pump</li> <li>Kittiwake Fuel Sampling, Destructive Seal</li> <li>Fuel Bunkering DN, Documentation & Specs</li> <li>Highly Professional Fuelling Protocol and Procedure</li> <li>Trained Certified Crew & Highly Experienced Barge Captain</li> <li>Commercial Mooring at Aberdeen</li> <li>Invoicing, Credit Lines, All Major Credit Cards (Including Amex)</li> <li>Ancillary products for our clients including Australian craft beer & high end snacks</li> </ul>

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