Indian Marine Federation

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Company Profile

The Indian Maritime Foundation has an exciting agenda of activities, which are mainly:

  • To promote awareness of and debate in all aspects of India’s maritime interests, especially in the field of naval, geo strategic, shipping and ports, marine art, underwater technology, marine environment activities etc.
  • To generate awareness of and research in India’s maritime heritage and related history.
  • To publish a quarterly journal, SeaGull, which carries feature and articles on national and international maritime matters and reports on current issues of maritime interest. Furthermore it helps to break down barriers amongst different disciplines of the sea whilst promoting coordination amongst them.
  • To maintain a maritime information data base, especially on careers, and a library, with special reference to India.
  • To promote "Ocean Savers of India" scheme to kindle maritime consciousness among the children and the youth of India by organizing lectures on careers, history, heritage, etc and outbound maritime tours to ships and other places of interest.
  • To co-ordinate International Coastal Cleanup in India and to organize lectures and workshops in schools and colleges on marine environment.
  • To foster an environment of informed maritime opinion among the various maritime interests, such as naval, ship-building and repair, fisheries, environmental, marine art, and underwater technology etc. through lectures, seminars and workshops.
  • To raise awareness in India on the importance of Underwater Technology