Sail Lanka Yachting Group (Pvt) Ltd

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Company Profile

The “SAIL LANKA YACHTING GROUP”, is pioneering the development and the promotion of a sustainable socio-economic model in the local water-based leisure industry in Sri Lanka and in the global yachting market.

Born out of a spontaneous need to economically rebuild a fishing community after the tragic devastation of the 2004 Indian ocean tsunami and sustained by the passionate strength of its founder Pierre Pringiers, the Group is the commercial spin off of the “Building a Future Foundation” (

The main activities of the Sail Lanka Yachting Group are:

  • Chartering of sailing catamarans in Sri Lanka.
  • Manufacturing and export of Ceycat ’53 sailing catamarans and of 80 feet boutique hotel boats.
  • Manufacturing and export of rigid inflatable boats from 3.5m to 8.5m and mini bee sailing boats.
  • Development and installation of the marina moorings in cooperation with internationally reputed pontoon  manufacturing companies.
  • Construction of mini-marinas in the local fishing harbors with a view to developing larger Marinas and waterfront infrastructure.
  • Yacht management and repair services.

The companies Sail Lanka Charter, BAFF Polymech (Pvt) Ltd and Solar Impulse are part of the Group.  The companies BAFF Polymech (Pvt) Ltd and Solar Impulse form the core of the manufacturing arm of the Group with its focus on yacht building and all the downstream products.

Since 2014, Sail Lanka Charter has been the only company actively promotes maritime yacht tourism in Sri Lanka with catamaran boats designed by French teams and built in Sri Lanka.  The catamarans meet international safety standards. The company offers day and multiday cruises around Sri Lanka coastline to guests both foreign and locals.


The vision of the Group is to manufacture both for the local and the global leisure markets. The Group is actively engaged in joint venture collaborations in boat charter, sailing/motor catamaran manufacturing and modern structural in fusion composite capabilities using structural foams, glass fiber carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber in combination with polyester vinyl ester and epoxy.  For more than 7 years, the Group is a market leader in the manufacturing of rigid inflatables and amphibious rigid inflatable motor boats for easy beaching.

Other areas of expertise include, manufacturing of wind mill blades, sail making and repairs /marine rope making and SS cable rigging and fitting.

The Group is engaged in developing local human resource capacity for yacht design and yacht building with a permanent cadre of skilled young operators through BAFF, which provides the requisite training to 100 youth annually.


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