Hong Kong Cruise and Yacht Industry Association

S301, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, 33 Shing Fung Road, HK, Hong Kong.
  • +852 2180 0723
  • info@hkcyia.org
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Company Profile

Hong Kong Cruise & Yacht Industry Association (HKCYIA), headquartered at the Hong Kong Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, is a non-profit organization of cruise and yacht industry practitioners working together as a united force to promote the long-term development of the Hong Kong cruise and yacht industry. HKCYIA is established to:

  1. Work closely with the relevant organizations and affiliations to promote the well-being of the Hong Kong cruise and yacht industry.
  1. Foster co-operations between local and global cruise and yacht communities.
  1. Promote sustainable development of the Hong Kong cruise and yacht industry.

Cruise Industry Structure & Scope:

Cruise Destinations; Cruise Terminal Companies; International Cruise Lines; International Cruise Industry Trade Associations; Shipping Agencies; Ship Management Companies; Travel Agencies.

Yacht Industry Structure & Scope:

Yacht and Sailboat Racing Associations; International Yacht and Shipbuilding Industry Trade Associations; Yacht Builders; Yacht Dealers; Yacht Charters; Yacht Clubs.

Other Related Industry Structure & Scope:

Cruise and Yacht Industry Veterans; Education and Training Providers; Terminal Manufacturers; Architects and Interior Designers; Marine Equipment Suppliers; Press and Publishers; Human Resources Companies; Event and Public Relations Companies; Logistics, Purchasing and Supply Management Companies; Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies.

HKCYIA Objectives:

  1. To provide a unified voice to work with the Government on cruise and yacht industry affairs and safeguard the interests of the Hong Kong cruise and yacht industry.
  1. To assist in the formulation of industry policies and advance the operational standards in the
  1. To foster co-operations between local and global cruise and yacht communities through assisting in the market research and economic studies.
  1. To facilitate collaboration between stakeholders through organizing international industry
  1. To raise levels of professionalism and operational standards in the industry through training and


Services Provided By HKCYIA:

Maritime Services

  • Provide counselling services in regards of shipping, boating and maritime affairs

Cruise Services

  • Recruit cruise attendant
  • Provide ground services and connecting services
  • Assist cruise attendant to prepare documents needed to work on board
  • Arrange maritime English assessment

Yacht Services

  • Arrange yacht maintenance services
  • Prepare port services
  • Provide yacht management services
  • Welcome yacht guests and provide transportation
  • Provide financial management services

Marine Education

  • Coordinate STCW2010 Certificate
  • Provide a wide range of professional training course
  • Provide International cruise management training course
  • Co-organized Diploma in Cruise Service and Hospitality Management
  • Provide counselling services to assist developing career paths

Maritime Law

  • Provide maritime law counselling services

Marine Insurance

  • Provide marine Insurance counselling services

  • Association