Opening Asia To Superyachts

About Us

Asia- Pacific Superyacht Association (APSA) is the leading professional and regional yacht industry association for Asia; and the first ever cross-country association established in Asia.


  • We work to actively promote our members who are Asian yacht businesses and for worldwide yacht businesses that want to do business in Asia.
  • We promote the South, South East and Eastern Asia region to the global superyacht community as one of the world’s three main cruising regions.
  • This is achieved through collaborative promotional activities, sponsored social events and international yacht shows such as Monaco, Fort Lauderdale, Singapore and Thailand Yacht Show; and direct promotional activities year round to proactively connect our members with Captains and Owners.

Meet our Platinum Members

This month APSA has featured heavily in THE WORLD OF YACHTS magazine, the world’s only bi-monthly Arabic international yachting magazine. This is great for APSA as coming out of the Arabian gulf we always want the yachts to turn left and come to Asia, instead of right and go to the Mediterranean!

Sweet, sweet summer and the 4th of July is fast approaching. Time to bust out the grill, the beer & the fireworks before you kick off for the summer. But the real responsibility starts when the parties have all died down  and you gotta tow the boat back out...

The Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef had the pleasure hosting Kitty McGowan from the US Superyacht Assoc. at the Great Barrier Reef recently...

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