YPI Asia attends 3rd Macau Yacht Industry High Level Forum

Yachting Partners International (YPI) presented at the Yacht Industry High-Level Forum at the Macau International Yacht Show last week to offer insight on the Role of the Yacht Broker in today’s world.

Speaking at the event, YPI’s Asia Chief Representative Liz To discussed the ongoing importance of the yacht broker in today’s digital world. Liz underlined the ways in which the insight offered by YPI’s team of experienced brokers adds a unique value for clients during the yacht purchase or yacht brokerage process.

During her presentation, Liz outlined that the process of buying a yacht should be enjoyable, and that using a broker takes the burden off the clients, reducing stress and allowing them to fully appreciate the experience. With years of experience in negotiation and a wide network within the industry, YPI brokers also streamline the process and manage the many parties involved in a yacht purchase. And while many yachts can be found online, often they are not advertised publically and are known about exclusively by brokers inside the industry.

Similarly, for clients selling a yacht, a broker and brokerage house supports the sales process, gaining coverage of the yacht through an established marketing team. Having a CA agreement in place and screening potential buyers also ensures the sales process runs smoothly and efficiently.

YPI CEO Laurent Debart also joined the speaker panel on ‘leading new opportunities’ at the Entrepreneurs Summit, part of Hurun Report’s 18 year anniversary, as a special guest last week. He discussed the potential of yachting in China and the development of the luxury travel and leisure industries in the region as wealth continues to grow. Laurent was also interviewed by China business and financial news agency CAIXIN Media on the flow of fortune in China, and YPI’s Asia team later attended Hurun’s annual ‘Most Respected Entrepreneur’ awards dinner at the NUO hotel in Beijing.

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