YACHTZOO Announces Change in Partners

YACHTZOO SARL was founded in Monaco in 2007 by 4 partners: Darrell Hall, Kirsten Ringsing, Paola Scalabrino and Chris Richardson. After 15 years of successful collaboration, Paola and Chris have sold their shares to focus solely on the sales and charter side of our operations.

Paola and Chris remain respectively as charter broker and sales broker at YACHTZOO and will continue to help the business flourish as independent yacht brokers.

Darrell Hall is now the majority shareholder and partner of YACHTZOO with Kirsten Ringsing remaining as the second main partner and the addition of Carin Zemel as new partner in the company and compliance officer.

“I am genuinely excited about this new partner structure for YACHTZOO, it’s a win-win for all. I’m happy Chris and Paola got to collect on the fruits of their hard work over the years. For myself, it feels like a new fresh energy for the company. Having now a controlling interest helps streamline leadership and the decision-making process. It will make our business more dynamic and sharper” said Darrell Hall.

The new partner, Carin, has a Master’s degree in Law from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She successfully assumed different commercial roles in the telecom industry in the Netherlands. Since 2006, she worked in Monaco at family offices and Corporate Service Providers, known for her practical and solution-oriented approach. Her vast experience with HNWI clients will be precious to our luxury yacht brokerage business.


YACHTZOO is a breed apart and we pride ourselves on being uniquely different. A luxury yacht brokerage with 15 years of experience, we view every yacht as having its own special set of characteristics and strengths, while our industry-leading team ensures we get to know each of our clients on an ultra-personal level. We believe only this attention to detail creates the perfect, lasting match between Owner and superyacht.

YACHTZOO is small enough to care, yet big enough to make a difference!

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