Travel Cue - Reimagining Customer Experience Post-Covid

Overtime, pandemics have proven to be catalysts for change; the Covid-19 pandemic is seemingly not any different - calling for creative changes on a global scale. Accompanied by an elevated consciousness on the minds of individuals, Covid-19 has impacted the way businesses, relationships and service delivery are perceived. The ripple effect of this will be a total reshaping of customers’ views and behaviours post-Covid.

As a way of adapting to this changing environment, Travel Cue’s focus will be on

(i) Digitisation of data as a major health and safety measure,

(ii) Navigating limited flight options

(iii) Redefined customer-agent-supplier engagement

Digitisation of data as a major Health & Safety Measure

Within the travel environment post-Covid, health and safety will be the major focus of travellers as customers who will be moving out of their cities - after a long time of being static - are likely to be overly cautious. The focus within the travel industry will see a shift towards innovation and high-end technology that will guarantee customers’ safety via faster and more secure procedures.

When looking at sustainable solutions that will enhance customers experience post-Covid, the digital technology sector cannot be overlooked. Governments, airlines and travel management companies are learning to be more adaptive towards the current mind-set of customers in order to improve their experiences within the context; embracing digitisation in line with safe and contactless engagement. Over the next few months, in building the new norm, we will see measures like facial recognition at airports, self-bag drop, contactless check-ins be integrated into regular travel procedures.

Navigating Limited Flight Options

We have already witnessed the significant decrease in number of options presented by Airlines as countries continue to monitor airport traffic closely. Coupled with ever-changing rules depending on nationalities, visas etc., it can be safe to predict this as a continuation into a ‘new norm’.

Customers will have to be mindful during business or personal trip planning and adopt a collaborative conversation with their travel partner to ensure compliance with the rules & regulations at play. This is very likely to cause a disruption that will govern customer behaviour as adjustment to this norm will take a while. Industry players will need to build primarily on connection with the customers and embodying “genuine care” at the core of their service delivery as Travel Cue have done from the on-set of this pandemic.

Redefined Customer Engagement

To ensure customer & travel provider synergy through these changing times, the travel industry would require an overall transformation of customer experience & service alignment to the level that will allow for customers will best resonate with. This will also mean the inclusion of methods and platforms that allow for seamless customer interactions from anywhere, round the clock - 24/7, 365.

Travel Cue’s business & operational model was able to  quickly adapt to provide round the clock servicing through the on-set of the pandemic & will continue into the ‘new-norm’. A businesses ability to be agile during such times is a key component towards continued evolution, all of which can be sensed & experienced by a customer at the time of service delivery.

In reimagining our customer experience to fit the new norm post-Covid and “deliver what we promise”, Travel Cue continues to foster evolution by building customer-centric systems & capabilities with an adaptability towards a fast-changing environment, geared with enough flexibility to accommodate uncertainties and impromptu adjustments - to create an overall satisfactory virtual and in-person experience.

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