Travel Cue presents at Hill Robinson Superyacht Crew Information Seminar in Monaco

Hill Robinson and HRcrew hosted an Information Seminar in Monaco on the 28th of March 2019 where Travel Cue had the pleasure of speaking to superyacht crew emerging within the Industry.

Travel Cue’s presentation embodied an open-discussion approach, delving into the intricacies of travel procurement within the current airline environment and the importance of a global presence for travel agents in the ever-evolving “inventory game" conducted by airlines around the world.

Crew were engaged in discussions involving global marine fares, split ticketing, booking requests, visa requirements, multi-currency quotations and much more.

The success of the seminar was measured not only by the level of understanding attendees achieved, but also the thought-provoking queries on how to better empower their travel programmes.

This collaboration with Hill Robinson allows for knowledge and understanding to be spread throughout the industry which has the downstream effect of smoother processes and efficient travel procurement within the Superyacht world.

Many thanks to all those in attendance, and we look forward to seeing more at next Information Seminar with Hill Robinson taking place at the Palma International Boat show 2019. Do contact us for more information.

By Travel Cue

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