Travel Cue – Bringing Seafarers Home

Travel Cue has been organising regular charter flights to key ports in an outstanding humanitarian effort to bring seafarers home. In the past one month, Travel Cue has successfully organised in excess of 25 charter flights, moving more than 3000 passengers, to assist their clients and collaborate with key partners to bring seafarers home during these difficult times.

Travel Cue's Managing Director, Nagender Chilkuri says ''During a very uncomfortable stagnation in the travel market, we could sense the pent up demand from customers who were expressing the lack of solutions due to border controls and restrictions; we stepped out of our routine practices to a model of building solutions from key Travel Cue hubs around the world, operating charters in and out of key destinations. The market has responded tremendously well, and we are glad to put solutions in place during a time of need''

We understand the need for collaboration and are working continuously to contribute to the wellbeing of those who who have experience long periods at sea, or unable to continue business due to issues associated with travel restriction as a result of Covid-19. That is why we have extended our charter service arm not only for customers, but to all who require crew and personnel movements.

Please contact us for future charter flight schedules or enquiries on: charter-connect@connectcue.com

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