Taiwan superyacht marina lobby group gets off ground with help from Central Yacht

The First meeting of the Kaohsiung International Marina Development Association was held in December.

Captain Paul Brackley (founder member of APSA) has had a crucial role in creating this grass roots citizens movement to lobby the local and central government to develop a world class superyacht marina in the heart of Taiwan’s southern city Kaohsiung. Central Yacht’s Taiwan coordinator, Cassy Wong is a founder and leading member of the committee.

Developers have been keen to persuade the port authority to build conventional pontoon and piling docks for small craft with superyacht facilities being ignored.

By mobilising ordinary local people who can see the massive economic benefit of superyachts being based in the city bringing not just berth rentals but also crew personal spending and major potential for refit work.

Being a ground up approach it is hoped to avoid the claims of catering to wealthy elites.

The Grand Opening dinner will be held on 21 February in Kaohsiung.

By Central Yacht

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