Taiwan - Kaohsiung Love River Marina

Central Yacht is pleased to announce that after four years of lobbying and planning the City Centre Kaohsiung marina is now open to yachts. Berthing is stern to med style and is in an extremely protected location in the heart of the arts and tourism centre of the south Taiwan city of Kaohsiung, the centre of yacht building in Asia.

Yachts can moor here in a clean and safe environment whilst benefitting from a pool of highly skilled craftsmen with experience of yacht building. An Amels 180 arrived in Kaohsiung after a six-month odyssey in Asia with the crew confined to the yacht. Central Yachts and their partner in Kaohisung arranged quarantine and shore pass for the crew to eventually get off the yacht. Whether it is for short or long-term stays, Kaohsiung makes an excellent base in Asia to keep and maintain a yacht in a safe, clean and low cost environment.

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