SYL JAPAN's stand at the Singapore Yacht Show pays for itself in 3 hours of the show opening.

SYL JAPAN report that they recouped their investment on their stand at SYS 2017, within only 3 hours of the show opening.

Kenta Inaba, president of SYL JAPAN told APSA, "A very affluent Japanese businessman who maintains a residence in Singapore, found out that there was a Japan booth at the show, and popped down shortly after it opened. We toured a few of the larger yachts at the show and then came back to the booth, where he he proceeded to tell us he wanted to charter a very large yacht in the Med this summer."

"We immediately got him booked up though our partners at YACHTZOO [also APSA members] and the revenue from this more than pays us back for our booth."

SYL Japan also reports that business was good during the rest of the show with another Japanese guest at the booth now intending to build a 53 meter as well as other clients and Captains that wish to cruise in Japan.

"We can't understate the value that the Singapore Yacht Show has provided us. The investment in our stand has brought us outstanding business with 3 yachts already in Japan and another 3 planning on Japan. One of the yachts, a 52 meter, will cruise with us for a year! That plus our new charter client, and brokerage clients and a new build client have made 2017 our best year ever... and we're not even halfway through yet!"

SYL JAPAN is part of SUPER YACHT LOGISTICS, a wholly owned company with bases worldwide and head offices in Tokyo and Fort Lauderdale.

 By SYL Japan


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