SYL's 007 summer in Japan

SYL JAPAN could mistake itself for being M16 Headquarters this year with both Dr No. and Diamonds Are Forever spending extensive time cruising Japanese waters.   Our own Miss Moneypenny, SYL JAPAN Shore Agent Risa Toyoda is travelling onboard with Dr No as she cruises the Inland Sea, home to some 3000 islands full of nature, history and culture.

Interestingly enough Dr No is coming home to Japan as she started out life as a Japanese fishing trawler called Wakachiba built in Hokkaido Japan, and later refitted to become an entry level exploration vessel in the Philippines. 

Diamonds Are Forever have been cruising the subtropical southern islands, the search for diamonds has been ongoing as they enjoy the white sand beaches and Japanese cusine.

Hashima Island, an abandoned island of off Nagasaki maybe a sore sight to behold with its concrete walls and derelict buildings, but in 2012 it was featured in a James Bond movie Skyfall.  The evil lair of villain Raoul Silva it was well suited for the part and has since became a sort of tourist attraction with its dark but fascinating history.  

Just another aspect to Japans 6,852 Islands.

By SYL Japan

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