Superyachts continue to flock to Maldives

The exquisite cruising grounds of the Maldives have been welcoming a steady flow of superyachts since lifting COVID-19 restrictions, attracting a number of foreign-flagged superyachts enticed by the prospect of once again enjoying this fantastic yachting destination.

Asia Pacific Superyachts Maldives director, Mohamed Hameed, spoke of the early reopening that welcomed luxury vessels such as Ebony Shine, Blue Shadow, 74.5m Amels, Superyacht Lady E, 107m Andromeda, and 97m Vava II. Mohamed also noted many other superyachts are continuing to enquire about heading to the Maldives as the Maldives becomes a haven for superyachts, quoting one Captain as stating: “It appears the Maldives is one of the easiest destinations for the yacht and guests to visit! Many other countries are closed or require quarantine periods and still limit various nationalities in general.”

As the pandemic continued many superyachts headed to the Maldives earlier in the season and, as expected, there was a hive of yachting and charter activity at the start of the season. Superyachts as well enjoy a substantial reduction in fees to enter the Maldives, awarding them a distinct advantage as a stopover for those making an Indian Ocean crossing.

“The entry process is usually smooth as we guide the Captain/Crew with constant clear communication day and night. We ensure that all formalities and documents are in place prior to these proceedings”, Mohamed noted, adding: “Entry into the Maldives is a simple and relatively seamless process compared to other destinations, with arrivals and departures taking an estimated 30 to 45 minutes in process time. Entry to the Maldives is subject to a Negative PCR result being shown, and both crew and guests will need to take the test 96 hours before departure for the Maldives”.

Guests can be assured of a safe and secure stay in the Maldives, as the country was awarded a Safe Travels Stamp. By the World Travel & Tourism Council, the first ever global safety and hygiene stamp for Travel & Tourism. The Safe Travels Stamp has been designed in response to COVID-19 and is granted by the World Travel & Tourism Council for countries implementing enhanced health and safety measures.  It is easy to see why so many superyachts are taking the opportunity to head to the Maldives!

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