Superyacht Australia Soirée returns for 4th Year

On 11 March, the annual Superyacht Australia Soirée returns for its fourth year, showcasing the superyacht luxury lifestyle with a display of vessels, a Yacht Hop and unique offerings from partners and sponsors at the iconic Jones Bay Marina located in the heart of Sydney Harbour. David Good, CEO of Superyacht Australia anticipates that this year’s event will be the most successful and highly attended to date. For the first time, the Soirée will partner with the International Superyacht Society to attract more international attendees now that borders have reopened and travel is relatively back on track.

Despite the recent challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Soirée has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years. “The Australian domestic fleet has grown from 59 to 120 vessels since 2019,” Good says. “The fleet’s largest vessel has increased from 44 meters to 74.5 meters – and now includes nine vessels reaching over 50 meters.”

The highlight of the Soirée is undoubtedly the Yacht Hop. The 400+ invitation-only guests are encouraged to tour and lounge on the vessels, getting an idea of how each one might feel to charter. “It’s an enjoyable way to immerse yourself into the world of yachting,” Good says. He’s anticipating at least 15 participating yachts – possibly more if they’re not being chartered for the day.

One of the event’s aims is to promote Australia as an internationally celebrated yachting destination, both for remote, as yet unexplored areas of the continent as well as long-sought-after destinations such as the Whitsundays, a constellation of 74 islands off the Queensland coast – and Australia’s jewel in the crown. “The Soirée also helps introduce newcomers to the industry,” Good says. Long dedicated to exclusivity, the superyacht lifestyle’s draw is privacy and the ability to set the course and menu to perfectly cater to those aboard.

“The pathway to ownership is almost always through chartering. Most owners will have chartered extensively before making the jump to buying a yacht,” he says. “This event is designed to introduce new charterers into the industry and, in the long-term, they could become owners. There’s an old saying that goes, ‘Every vessel is for sale, for the right offer’.”

First-time Soirée partner Shute Harbour Marina Resort will showcase a detailed 3D model of the North Queensland development in the event’s Benetti Lounge – the Soirée hospitality hub in recognition of long-term major partner Benetti Yachts. “Guests will be guided through the resort’s various berthing, residential and commercial opportunities,” the property’s Managing Director Sam Wade says. “We’re targeted to open in 2025.”

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