Singapore and Thailand Yacht Show join forces with Asia Rendezvous Events 

In a joint statement issued on 24th May, 2018 by Andy Treadwell, CEO of Verventia Pte Ltd, owner of the Singapore and Thailand Yacht Shows, and Gael and Olivier Burlot of Asia RendezVous Pte Ltd, organisers of the Phuket, Penang and Singapore RendezVous events, it was announced that the two companies have agreed to collaborate by jointly producing only one show in Thailand and one in Singapore - the destination hub and the business hub respectively for the yachting industry in South East Asia. 

The move was precipitated by a request earlier in the year from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to gather the industry together in one major event in Thailand so as to demonstrate united support for the government’s yacht tourism initiative. In essence, after a three-year campaign spearheaded by the Thailand Yacht Show, the Thai government has agreed to change some of the prohibitive yachting regulations and allow foreign yachts to charter in Thai waters – effectively opening up the ASEAN cruising grounds to superyachts from overseas for the first time. This initiative is now in its final stages, with the Thai Marine Business Association (TMBA) working with the Ministries of Finance and Transport to work out a business model for collecting VAT on charter income, rather than on the value of the yacht itself.

At the same time, the yachting industry has been vocal for years that there should only be one boat show in each strategic location and has requested just such a “get together”. The two show organisers acknowledge that they have different yet complementary strengths and skill sets that, combined, will create bigger and better single events in each country. Similarly, with their joined-up resources and budgets, they will be able to activate an aggressive and far-reaching promotional plan that should draw many more potential buyers and charterers into the market.

The new Phuket event will be a straight joint venture between the two existing businesses, called the “Thailand Yacht Show & RendezVous”, and in Singapore there will be an additional jointly-owned event called the "SYS RendezVous” staged alongside the current Singapore Yacht Show.

Andy Treadwell explained: “It’s a classic example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, from every point of view. The TAT, our partners and main sponsor of the Thailand Yacht show, asked us to try to get everyone working together instead of competing and dividing the industry. The major industry players asked us to do exactly the same thing. Gael and Olivier have a great work ethic, an excellent region-wide digital and print media platform, and a direct line to the luxury lifestyle industries – which is a good complement to any kind of yacht show.”

Gael Burlot added: “We feel it’s a good time and a good place to get everyone working together – the luxury industries are coming out of a challenging period, and things are looking better and better, while the yachting industry should now be in a position to dramatically expand in the Asia-Pacific region. All our efforts over the last 15 years to promote the industry and educate a growing audience of prospects in Asia are paying off; so is the hard work Andy and his team have been doing with the regional governments to open up Asia to yacht tourism - an initiative we want to support and fully be part of. Exciting times ahead!”

The Thailand Yacht Show & Rendezvous will take place from 4th-7th January 2019, with the venue to be confirmed shortly in conjunction with the consensus of industry opinion. The Singapore Yacht Show Rendezvous will replace the current Luxury Pavilion at SYS 2019, which will run from 11th-14th April.

About Verventia Pte Ltd:
Verventia is a business catalyst, providing marketing platforms for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, and introducing their lifestyle products and services to affluent global audiences. The company’s portfolio of events and extensive connections facilitate the integration of networks to stimulate industry growth and business development.

Well-versed in the implementation of successful event and project management, the experienced and professional team at Verventia are fully dedicated to deliver world-class events in unique venues around the world.

Verventia’s current portfolio includes the Singapore Yacht Show, Asia’s leading yacht and lifestyle show, fully supported by the global yachting industry and the Singapore Tourism Board, as well asthe Thailand Yacht Show, the region’s premier experiential superyacht, boating and watersports event, staged in partnership with the Thai government.

For enquiries, please contact: info@verventia.com

About Asia Rendez-Vous Pte Ltd:
Asia Rendez Vous Pte Ltd unites Asia’s fastest growing high-end media platforms, LUX INC MEDIA and HEART MEDIA which are committed to providing high quality, luxury lifestyle content, for an upmarket audience, across the Asia-Pacific region. From publishing market leading magazines and digital media, to events connecting the region’s most affluent with top tier brands and lifestyle opportunities, LUX INC MEDIA and HEART MEDIA provide the ultimate rendezvous platforms for Asia’s elite.

The RENDEZVOUS Series of Events (Phuket, Penang and Singapore for now) is a four-day showcase experience which provides a platform to integrate all aspects of fine living in a single and unique location.

The RENDEZVOUS is a proven concept in the luxury lifestyle sector with an innovative approach to showcasing products and services through activation, and putting emphasis on visitors’ experience.From yachts & superyachts, super and classic cars, luxury waterfront properties to art, fashion, watches and fine F&B, the event stimulates all senses of the visitors and captures their attention.

For enquiries, please contact: info@asia-rendezvous.com

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