Simpson Marine announces first Asian sale of the new yacht model MCY 96 to Thailand

Simpson Marine Thailand division is delighted to announce its recent sale of a 2017 Premiere model, the Monte Carlo Yachts 96 to Thailand. It is the first sale of this new model to Asia.

Simpson Marine concluded the sale to a Thailand-based repeat MCY client a few weeks before the official media announcement at January’s Boot Düsseldorf given by Monte Carlo Yachts’ management, Carla Demaria and Fabrizio Iarrera, together with Dan Lenard from Nuvolari Lenard studio.

“I’m very proud of this sale to an existing Monte Carlo Yachts owner who wished to upgrade his yacht for bigger, and naturally selected this new model MCY 96. This decision shows that the attentive client approach and excellent after-sales support from the shipyard retain owners within the brand. The yacht will be launched in Monfalcone in July 2018 and we are looking forward to see her cruising through Thai waters in Autumn”, says Sergio Loiacono, Simpson Marine Thailand Country Sales Manager. 

The new MCY 96 has been designed according to the highest standards on the market and complies with RINA Pleasure or RINA Charter Class certifications. Upon request, the new model can also be certified according to CE-A category standards to be utilized as a pleasure boat or according to MCA MGN 280. The possibility to choose the preferred type of certification represents both a unique feature and also a highly significant added value for the owner.

The new MCY 96 represents both continuity and evolution for the MCY collection and the company,” says Carla Demaria, President of Monte Carlo Yachts. “The great international success and global appeal of the MCY 105 has guided us in developing the MCY 96, which will set new standards and mark a new era of growth in the superyacht segment for Monte Carlo Yachts."

At this moment, already three MCY 96 units have been sold with more ongoing negotiations, a true success story for a yacht which won’t even have its official premiere until this coming July in Italy.

The design of the MCY 96 was once again entrusted to the renowned Nuvolari Lenard superyacht design studio. The company’s development of the MCY collection’s “Future Classic” award-winning design philosophy is visible throughout every nuance and detail of Monte Carlo Yachts and maximises key concepts and contents to achieve unprecedented results in its category.

The yacht stands out for its smooth lines, high bow and deceptively low profile that confer its external profile a timeless, contemporary allure that is the natural evolution of the iconic MCY lines while keeping a coherent consistency with the rest of the collection.

“The MCY 96 is the seventh yacht in the collection that we have worked on together with Monte Carlo Yachts,” say Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard, designers. “The new model is unmistakably a MCY in its visual appeal, the incredible exterior and interior spaciousness, and the total customisation options available for owners, but it is also unique in its personality and details.

“We are very proud of how the MCY collection is constantly evolving whilst staying true to itself,” adds Dan Lenard.

“Monte Carlo Yachts’ success in Asia is largely due to the ability of the shipyard to respond quickly to Buyers’ requests for customisation, and special features. The shipyard management and designers are always ready to fly out to Asia to meet Buyers in person, listen to their needs and preferences, and make sure these are incorporated in the final design of their yacht. Monte Carlo Yachts’ personal approach is very much appreciated by Asian yacht buyers.  Other strong points are the outstanding after-sales support that the shipyard provides to all owners around the world and the short delivery time guaranteed by their innovative building technology. We see strong growth of the MCY brand in all parts of Asia, which shows that the market has learnt to appreciate the exceptional service and shipyard support which is the hallmark of this very stylish, award winning range of luxury yachts.”, explains Mike Simpson, Founder and Managing Director of Simpson Marine.

The first MCY 96 sold to Asia by Simpson Marine is expected to arrive in Pattaya in Autumn 2018.

The yacht will be presented at an official event in Hong Kong before reaching her final destination.

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By Simpson Marine

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