Simpson Marine and Ali G jointly launch their first NFT Collection

Simpson Marine is delighted to announce the official launch of its first NFT collection, ODE TO THE SEA, curated by Hong Kong’s established professional photographer and NFT creator Ali G of Ali G Studios. Although the concept of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) has been around since 2014, it is only since early 2021 that NFTs have become increasingly popular digital assets, representing real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos. In 2021 the word NFT also became the Collins Dictionary word of the year.

Considering Asia’s active community of crypto investors and collectors, and their high interest in digital and new technologies and innovations, Simpson Marine decided to create a unique and exclusive NFT collection. This special creation celebrates Simpson Marine’s maritime roots, adding a touch of performance art to give a true homage to the sea. This tribute is apt, as the sea has been Simpson Marine’s reason for being throughout the last 37 years since the company first established itself in Hong Kong.

ODE TO THE SEA is an exclusive premiere collection of 15 unique photography NFTs, each a 1/1 edition. They will be available for collection via Ali G’s official account on Foundation, an NFT marketplace that aims to build a new creative economy based on the Ethereum blockchain. The grand launch date is scheduled for 28 July 2022 and collectors can simply connect their wallets to this account to purchase the NFTs: www.foundation.app/@aligstudios

The collectors of ODE TO THE SEA will be entitled to receive a set of attractive utilities in addition to the digital art piece: The collectors will be eligible to use their NFT towards the purchase of a yacht, the exact value of which will be based on terms and conditions, A museum quality print of their NFT signed by Ali G in a 1/1 edition, Access to one VIP event hosted by Simpson Marine in 2022 (to be proposed individually), Two premium tickets to a Hong Kong Ballet show in 2022 (to be selected by the collector) and for collectors from outside Hong Kong an alternative will be proposed.

With the launch of the ODE TO THE SEA collection, Simpson Marine is Asia’s first yachting company to create a NFT collection, reinforcing the company’s forward-thinking approach towards the still-growing, phenomenal NFT market and the promising Metaverse digital marketplace. “This has been an exciting project to work on with Ali G, as we have been witnessing Hong Kong’s creative NFT effervescence for the past few months,” says Ewa Stachurska, Group Marketing Manager at Simpson Marine. “We are conscious that many of our yacht owners are crypto investors and NFT collectors and thought that this creative project would appeal to them, and they would want to have a piece of this exclusive collection in their growing portfolio. We are proud of our new relationship with the ballet world as we have just become official patrons of Hong Kong Ballet and are committed to supporting its artistic growth as part of our community projects.”

“Simpson Marine has been synonymous with luxury yachting and is known for being a pioneer in the yachting world,” says Ali G of Ali G Studios. “I am honoured to be part of this collaboration and to use my art to bring alive a vision that we planned for months and executed flawlessly together. I hope this paves the way for more brand and artist collaborations in the future.”

The company will continue its creative productions and NFT collaborations as a new added value for its yacht owners and clients, many of whom are actively engaged in this new form of expression and asset ownership.The collectors wishing to be whitelisted and pre-order their NFTs before the launch date, please contact Simpson Marine team.


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