Sevenstar Yacht Transport proud sponsor of the Asia Pacific Yachting Conference

For the 6th year, Sevenstar Yacht Transport is sponsoring the Asia Pacific Yachting Conference taking place on 5 and 6 April in Singapore’s One Degree 15 Marina. Asia’s Superyacht Conference, staged ahead of the annual Singapore Yacht Show, provides an international forum for representatives from both the superyacht industry and Asian Pacific governments to investigate ways of cooperating and jointly growing the (super)yachting market in Asia Pacific.

The 2 day Conference Porgram outline reads as follows: 

  • Keynote Address - Martin Redmayne of the Superyacht Group
  • Superyachts for the New Generation in Asia - panel discussion
  • The Tahiti Case Study - Lessons learnt and success stories from the Pacific
  • Progress Report Asia Pacific with latest developments and updates from governments and country representatives
  • Cleaning up the Asian waters - pannel session
  • How Asia can learn from the Meditterrean - panel session
  • Trends in Yacht Migration - Peter Staalsmid, Sevenstar
  • Marketing Asia as a Single Superyacht Cruising Destination: How not to miss the boat - panel session
  • Engaging the Asian Market - panel session
  • The Berth of a Marketplace: Infrastructure Development in Asia: If we build them, will they come? - panel session
  • The Thailand case - ingredients for success

Jan Maarten Boissevain, Sales Director Sevenstar globally, says: “Sevenstar is a long-time supporter of yachting in Asia by opening and guaranteeing yacht shipping routes and sailings. Although Asia is not an easy market, we are happy to notice a slow but steady development in the region and we are learning together with our clients. “Dialogue” is key for us in doing business. That is why we like to be instrumental in the exchange of ideas and cooperation in the Region, a perfect reason for us to sponsor the Asia Pacific Yachting Conference.

Peter Staalsmid, Area Sales Manager, will be presenting a session on patterns of yacht migration, influencing factors and will include a case study of how governments and the marine industry can work together to create favorable conditions for developing and promoting new yachting destinations.

Martin Redmayne of the Superyacht Group is chairperson and the Conference is looking into interactive and constructive work forms to bringing true value and exchange of ideas. All from the perspective of what we can learn from each other, how things can work and what needs to be done.

“Much is happening in Asia, both in the development of the internal Asian market, as well superyachts elsewhere considering the Asia Pacific as a future destination”, comments Marieke Derks, Sevenstar Thailand and Malaysia. “There is so such beauty and variety of experiences to offer. Destination marketing, sustainable tourism growth and favorable regulations are key for building the market. We need to be inclusive to make it work and I fully endorse APYC’s focus on facilitating cooperation between industry and government stakeholders.”

Interested in joining the Asia Pacific Yachting Conference? Follow this link for the program and registration:

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