SeedMarine and SYL Group announce partnership for SYL Taiwan.

Super Yacht Logistics Group (SYL) has announced the formation of a partnership with SeedMarine in Taiwan for the establishment of SYL Taiwan an entity to assist large yachts calling to the country. Taiwan is no stranger to yachts with its own very successful yacht building industry and now with many Taiwanese turning to yachting as the country moves towards a more consumer economy.

At the same time more and more large foreign cruising yachts are enquiring about visiting Taiwan, and many Captains and owners are curious about visiting, however until now there has been no agency services in the country that focus specifically on Superyachts. SYL Taiwan will fulfill this role with the close support available from SYL’s offices in Australia and Japan.

Taiwan already has superyacht infrastructure, with ports and marinas in Keelung in the North less than an hour’s drive from Taipei Songshan Airport; Wu-shi Marina in Yilan Country on Taiwan’s stunning Eastern Coast; and the port city of Kaohsiung in the Southwest with the Love River Marina and Horizon City Marina, and which is also served by a close by international airport as well as bullet train connection to Taipei.

Consisting of 168 islands there is plenty of cruising and opportunities for shore excursions with mountains of almost 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) and rain forests on the main island and destinations such as the Penghu archipelago in the Taiwan Strait.

In addition, Taiwan’s well established superyacht infrastructure means it has multiple superyacht dedicated shipyards, probably the only places in the Asia region which does so. Services such as onsite fabrication, access to class surveyors, interior expertise, exterior painting crews, easy access to supplies and equipment; all means that Taiwan is the most suitable destination in Asia to preform yard periods, class surveys or refits.

SYL Taiwan will provide Customs, Immigration & Quarantine services as well as assistance for fueling & provisioning, and all other shore and regulatory services for visiting superyachts as well as yard & refit support. SYL Taiwan will be the only SYL company not established & owned by the group but operated under agreement by a partner company, however, will be fully supported by the other SYL Group companies.


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