SEABOB-CAYAGO Asia Pacific Launching Service Campaign

German High Performance Water Sled SEABOB-CAYAGO Asia Pacific is building on its success during the Singapore Yachting Festival, and has continued to strengthen its commitments to dealer support and customer services by launching a service campaign in the APAC region.

With a new full-service warehouse in Singapore, CAYAGO Asia Pacific will be able to supply many models and spare parts locally in an efficient manner. The SEABOB APAC service campaign aims to provide an engagement with their customers to guarantee a happy summer ahead to use SEABOB scooters. “We have sent our APAC service team to join a workshop in Germany, this technical training will enhance their skills, knowledges and expertise in SEABOB operation and maintenance,” shared Claus Gruner, Managing Director of CAYAGO Asia Pacific.

“This training course in German headquarter reflects our commitment to provide the clients with the highest level of service in APAC offering instant responses. We are keen to enhance our customers’ overall SEABOB experience, and making efforts to design service packages and introduce trade-in program to ensure we embrace more SEABOB on the water in the summertime.” added Claus.

The SEABOB APAC service campaign will offer a free service check-up and special conditions for any necessary SEABOB maintenance from our Singapore location until end of July. For more information on the SEABOB APAC service campaign, please contact

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