Saving Chinese sailing history for tomorrow

A charity has been formed to purchase and restore for public display the historic Americas Cup class yacht CHN95 Longtze, the first AC class yacht built in China and raced by the TsingTao yacht club at the 2007 Louis Vuitton Cup in Valencia.

Captain Paul Brackley, superyacht captain and entrepreneur in Hong Kong and China for the last 20 years, and Greg Dagge, Hong Kong’s three times Champion of Champions sailor, are the organisers.

The hull and mast have been lying forgotten in a Hong Kong shipyard for the last several years and are deteriorating badly. One investor had planned to transform the once proud yacht into a sailing adventure boat for tourists but the plans foundered leaving the yacht high and dry.

Captain Paul is setting up a non-profit charity, China Maritime Sailing Memorabilia Association Limited 中國海事帆船紀念協會有限公司, under HK authority to raise money to buy the yacht and restore her to original condition after which she can be displayed as part of a shore based visitor education centre, ideally part of a bigger exhibition detailing the history of Chinese sailing achievement.

A launch event will be held at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club to encourage support both financial and practical so that a proper bid can be made to acquire the yacht.

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