‘Sail the Andamans’ Yacht Rally & Carnival

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands is truly a magical yachting destination with well-charted seas, beautiful blue waters, many safe harbours and adventure options. The 3rd ‘Sail the Andamans’ is an excellent opportunity to experience all of this during the 20 February - 21 March 2023 Yacht Rally & Carnival.

‘Sail the Andamans’ participation is for yacht and superyacht owners who would enjoy exploring the islands at a leisurely pace and offers a way to experience local culture, island life, local entertainment options and cultural programs and more during their stay.

This exciting event is organised by Andaman Holidays and supported by Asia Pacific Superyachts and Andaman Tourism. Asia Pacific Superyachts R. Rathnam, enthuses, “The islands have enormous exotic appeal, re home to some of the best beaches in the world and viewing of amazing marine life. But what makes this opportunity unmissable is the amazing price you are getting for this package for, if you book right away. To learn of cost, yacht services and other details email yachtagency@andamanholidays.com

Those registered are free to choose their sailing route around the islands, taking time out to enjoy island exploring and underwater activities, like snorkeling and diving. Participants can also take up sports fishing and Kayaking at select locations after ensuring necessary permits. The returning “Sail the Andamans” month-long adventure starts and ends in Port Blair, with yachts sailing & motoring into the heart of the Andaman Seas to the capital city. This floating festival promoting the pristine beauty of the undeveloped Indian Ocean islands introduces yacht owners and guests and captains and crews to a variety of events and cruising opportunities. Highlighting the event will be a Gala Dinner and a Cultural Event organised for ‘Sail the Andamans’ participants.

Comprised of hundreds of primarily uninhabited islands offering wide-open white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, the natural beauty of the Andamans in sailing around the islands is the highlight of the ‘Sail the Andamans’ Yacht Carnival.

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