Red Ensign Group

Technical experts from across the Red Ensign Group have been engaging with the superyacht industry on the REG Yacht Code. Chaired by Julian Smith from the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, the two-day event was held in May at the Superyacht Builder’s Association (SYBAss) in Amsterdam. Julian said: “These events are real opportunities to discuss standards of safety and pollution prevention set out by the REG Yacht Code.”

As well as Julian, Phil Noad from the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, Carlo Vinelli from the Isle of Man Shipping Registry and Adam Jackson, Head of Large Yacht Services from the UK all took part. The first revision of the Yacht Code was published in 1997 and prescribes standards of safety and pollution prevention which are appropriate to the size and type of yacht. The REG continues to engage with industry over proposed amends in sessions like the one at SYBAss.

The first day focussed on large yachts and the second on passenger yachts. Noad said, “It’s good to meet with industry to hear their views on proposed amends to the Code and discuss how we can work together for good on both sides within the International Conventions.”

Jackson explained, “The standards applied are set internationally using the conventions set out or by equivalent standards where it isn’t reasonable or practicable for yachts to comply. Safety for the REG is non-negotiable and the industry knows that which is why the Yacht Code remains such a benchmark standard across the world.”

Vinelli summed up by saying, “this was a really, lively event. Engagement with the industry on proposed amendments due to changes in not just the International Conventions, but things like technology and design trends is essential to keep the REG Yacht Code at the forefront of the industry where it belongs.”

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