Cruising Destination of the Month: Palau

If ever there was a location where a luxury yacht charter or a private adventure voyage was an essential way to get around on you holiday, the more than 500 islands of Palau and its archipelago would qualify.

Palau will appeal to water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers looking for the kind of crystal clear waters experienced in the Eastern Mediterranean, but with a whole new ecosystem and culture to discover. While tourism has been long-established, it has been carefully managed and the emphasis on environmental protection has ensured that guests will arrive to an underdeveloped tropical getaway where they can choose to be at the centre of civilisation or the only human beings around for miles.

The weather and temperature remain reasonably stable throughout the year. Away from the mainland, there is  a relatively low risk for tropical storms and typhoons, making Palau a destination to be experienced at any time for a more relaxed cruise with family and friends outside of the summer holidays period.

Vast stretches of golden white sands cover the coastline and the towering green hills formed by ancient volcanic activity hide canyons, the tumbling Ngardmau Falls and ancient stone monoliths.

Tourists from across the world are drawn here for the magnificent coral reefs, caves and lagoons, home to a plethora of wildlife species - in a single week owners and guests can expect to encounter reef sharks, manta rays and nudibranchs, not forgetting the many vivid fish species that swim through these seas. This is to say nothing of one of the most famous attractions on Eli Malk Island: The Golden Jellyfish Lake, where adults and children can swim peacefully with the jellyfish, whose stingers are harmless. 

In town, there are galleries filled with unique artwork and crafts, as well as night markets that will provide an authentic experience of island life and a chance to pick up mementos for back home. Guests can rejuvenate in one the luxurious spas scattered across the islands, or drift off on a deserted beach while listening to bird calls from the surrounding forest.

Water sports are a primary activity for visitors and locals alike, and during a holiday in Palau one can expect to make full use of the collection of water toys stored on board. Snorkelers and Scuba divers in particular will be in their element, with sites varying from shallow lagoons for beginners to drift dives and deeper exploration amongst WWII wrecks. Vacationers can kayak, paddleboard or jet ski through limestone arches and past rocky outcrops, then bathe in the white mud of the 'Milky Way' before a magnificent lunch back on board the superyacht.

Next is a rest on the sunbeds taking in the scintillating blues and greens of their surroundings as they set off to the next incredible location amongst the Rock Islands to the west. Here, romantics can watch the vibrant colours of sunset while enjoying a candlelit meal on the beach, and after a sumptuous three-course meal prepared by the highly trained personal chef, return on board for an evening of entertainment up on the sundeck or nestled within the air conditioned salon.

Palau has much to offer a luxury yacht charter groups and privately owned sailing yachts or motor yachts, appealing to all ages and a wide variety of interested, from the adrenaline seekers to sunbathers and wildlife photographers.

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