OCEA embarks with Ocean Independence

The Swiss charter firm has chosen OCEA to build a 155-foot commuter designed by Michel Joubert and outfitted by Franck Darnet.

“We regularly work with shipyards on projects like this”, explains Éric Trupheme, yacht broker with Ocean Independence. “It allows us to partner with renowned companies like this one.” OCEA for the concept, the much-missed Michel Joubert for the design and Franck Darnet for the interiors... The choice is as much about the quality of the team as the quality expected of the yacht: “OCEA has proven its ability to design ocean-going yachts. The shipyard also has an excellent reputation, particularly in aluminium construction. Our ability to communicate widely about the project via our fifteen offices throughout the world and OCEA's technical mastery provide the right synergy”, continues Éric Trupheme.

Elegance to the ends of the earth.

The OCEA X47 is a commuter. The idea, inspired by the yachts of rich New Yorkers from Long Island who raced to Manhattan in the morning, came from Michel Joubert. “The narrow hull is efficient. These are boats with low consumption and good seaworthiness”, notes his associate, Bernard Nivelt. Commuters were originally designed to cross sheltered waters rapidly. Michel Joubert managed to reinterpret this myth with talent, adapting it to the modern world and offshore requirements: “He has designed a very elegant, oceangoing yacht, and added his own personal touch, namely the finer, straighter bow. The line is lightened by large windows and the spacious bow leaves plenty of room for stowing dinghies, freeing up the lazarette and the decks”, notes the naval architect. 

Big and beautiful

Inspired by this very seaworthy yacht with a beautiful hull, Franck Darnet has designed an interior for life on the high seas. The designer, who studied at the prestigious École Boulle, knows his stuff: this passionate sailor already has one world tour under his belt. “On a yacht, even one such as this, space is always restricted. It needs to be optimised, made visually larger to be as pleasant as possible.” Here, the design also has to meet the owner's brief. The design is contemporary and informal, with noble materials, oak, at its heart. “It can of course be made darker with walnut or ebony, or on the contrary brighter with lighter coloured woods. Starting from the outfitting brief, everything can be modified, it's à la carte!’ By hooking up with Ocean Independence, OCEA is offering hurried yacht owners a high-quality project led by a team that is professional, motivated and immediately operational. Just what it takes to go further and above all, faster!


A pioneer in aluminium shipbuilding and industrial construction, the OCEA yard was established in 1987. With 4 production sites located along the French Atlantic coast, OCEA delivers annually 15 to 20 vessels, up to 85m long, including fast patrol boats, passenger vessels, environmental vessels and yachts.

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