Cruising from the past into the future, and combining pure elegance, classic contours, and the very latest in technical capabilities, the OCEA shipyard presents the Commuter 50. Over the past twenty years, the Commuter range has become emblematic of OCEA's shipbuilding expertise. The design is inspired by the “commuter yachts” of the early 20th Century, sleek boats owned by New York’s billionaire class and designed to ferry them across the East River to Manhattan with speed, elegance, and maximum style and class.

For the Poles or the Tropics

“The Commuter 50 is true to that heritage, and fits right into OCEA’s family of ocean-going yachts,” explains Fabrice Weinbach, Commercial Director. “It offers a large reception capacity, and can also be fitted out with a whole range of extras.” It also encapsulates OCEA's superior know-how in ship design and construction: “We create boats suitable for long journeys in any and all of the world's seas”, Weinbach continues. “They allow their owners to explore the planet's most sun-kissed shores as well as its coldest reaches.” Thanks to their low draught, an advantage made possible by OCEA's aluminium hull design, these yachts can anchor very close to shore.

Thoroughly Modern Propulsion Systems

The OCEA Commuter also benefits from the shipyard's advanced expertise in the fields of hybrid propulsion and electric diesel systems. “We started installing hybrid technologies in 2014, on vessels designed for scientific research or maritime security purposes. The feedback we’ve received has been very positive,” Weinbach adds. For example, an 84m patrol vessel recently delivered by OCEA features electric motors powered by on-board generators, working in parallel with the main diesel engines. Used for speeds of up to 12 knots, they allow for a 30-35% reduction in overall fuel consumption. “Running generators at a constant rate ensures that they remain within their optimal operational range”, Weinbach is keen to point out. With less work to do, the main diesel engines require less maintenance - another sizeable saving. “This solution is highly competitive in purely operational terms, and also allows owners to reduce their environmental impact by cutting down on CO2 emissions”, he adds.

Comfort, to the Ends of the Earth

Aboard the OCEA Commuter 50, twelve guests can make the most of the spacious upper lounge with full-length windows, the easy-boarding lateral boarding system for dinghies, the optional sun lounge on the forward deck, or even a totally private sun deck complete with jacuzzi... In order to preserve the sleek contours of the Commuter 50, large dinghies up to 10m and jet skis are stored internally, protected against the elements. A helipad can be installed on the rear deck.

Historic pedigree, a timeless profile, the latest in modern technology and a forward-looking spirit…the OCEA Commuter 50 is a time travelling icon!


A pioneer in aluminium shipbuilding and industrial construction since 1987, OCEA has four production sites located along the French Atlantic coast, and delivers annually 15 to 20 vessels, up to 85m long, including fast patrol boats, passenger vessels, environmental vessels and yachts.

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