New APSA Member: Roll Group

Roll Group has a fleet of versatile RollDock vessels that offer yacht transport services. With specially designed, semi-submersible vessels, Roll Group prides itself on finding solutions and carrying out smaller and large yacht transports worldwide.

Roll Group specialises in the mobilisation of yachts for the next charter season, transporting newbuild hulls and rescuing damaged yachts from remote places and taking them for repair. Roll Group itself uses its expertise in engineering and operations to ensure reliable loading, transport, and discharge. It is also mindful about the cargo that is being transported, for example on more precious cargo such as superyachts, its team will use straps and soft slings rather than chains to avoid causing any damage. The RollDock fleet consists of two types of vessels that enable worldwide coverage.

The fleet is made up of the following ships:


The S-Class is comprised of three 142-metre (465-foot) vessels called Rolldock Sun, Rolldock Sea and Rolldock Sky. With a deck space of up to 4400 m2, the vessels can accommodate multiple yachts at the same time. The vessels are semi-submersible heavy lift multi-purpose vessels. The S-Class vessels can submerge to 12.5 metres (41 feet) to create a float in draft of 6.6 metres (21.6 feet). The dimensions of the dock are 116m x 19m (380ft x 62ft). The two vessel cranes have the ability to lift up to 350mt. In tandem mode, the cranes can lift up to 750 tons.


The ST-Class boasts two vessels named Rolldock Star and Rolldock Storm, with the same loading modes as the S-Class. The 151.5-metre (497-foot) semi-submersible heavy lift multi-purpose vessels are strengthened purposely for heavy cargo. The ST-Class vessels can also submerge to 12.5 meters (41 feet), creating a draft in hold of 6.6 metres (21.6 feet). As with the S-Class, each deck crane has the ability to lift up to 350mt, or 700mt in tandem lifting. The dimensions of the dock are 119m x 19m (390ft x 62ft).

Due to the design, the S and ST class RollDock vessels have three methods to load and discharge yachts: Roll-On/Roll-Off (ro-ro), Float-In/Float-Out (flo-flo), or Lift-On/Lift-Off (lo-lo). 

If you need advice on transporting yachts contact Roll Group today.


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