New APSA Member: Frigomar srl

Frigomar srl has been a leader in the development and manufacturing of a wide range of refrigeration systems, air conditioning, and ice makers for the nautical sector for the past 50 years. Since 1973 Frigomar srl has brought innovative products to the market; with advanced technology and a guarantee of assistance all over the world, this company boast some of the most prestigious Italian and foreign shipyards among its customers.

In 2013, Frigomar srl launched the first inverter variable frequency drive, and one year later the first self-contained variable frequency drive, allowing 40%-45% in energy savings. Frigomar’s construction technologies and continuous research are always careful to accommodate, and in many cases to anticipate, changes in the nautical market. The company also has a strong reputation for its stainless steel custom-made refrigerators and cold rooms for mega yachts. All the products are manufactured in Italy, and thanks to an ongoing collaboration with the University of Genoa, continuous research into construction technology allows Frigomar to be recognised as an industry leader. The ISO 9001-2008 certified company provides a vast range of models and solutions for every need, from the simpler standard production yacht, to the “custom made” megayachts.

Company History

1973: Foundation, with Luigi and Virginio Sanguineti as partners, and start of craft production for the nautical sector in Italy.

1975: First participation in the Genoa International Boat Show.

1990: Com.te Marco Piombo took over the participation of Mr. Virginio Sanguineti, and the transition to an industrial type production took place, specializing as a supplier to construction sites.

1991: Transfer from the Leivi workshop to the current headquarters.

1997: ISO 9001 quality certification.

2000: The 2nd generation takes over: Andrea Piombo and Daniela Sanguineti.

2005: Frigomar is the first to offer “high efficiency” R410A gas in the nautical sector.

2013: Frigomar is the first to introduce INVERTER technology in the marine sector. Its Chiller Inverter BLDC Technology was considered one of the best innovations at METS 2013.

2014: The application of the Inverter technology also expands to compact refrigeration units, proposing for the first time a Compact Inverter BLDC Technology.

2018: Compact inverter and modular chiller products are renewed by increasing energy efficiency and reducing size and weight.

2019: BMEEA Product of the Year: BMEEA Product of the Year 2019 Award assigned to the Frigomar Compact Inverter SCU.

2023: Frigomar celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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