New APSA Member Azure Yacht Crew Health

Azure Yacht Crew Health was founded by yachting professionals and is providing one of the most modern and comprehensive global health insurance packages designed and built from the ground up purely for professional superyacht crew.

Azure Yacht Crew Health is a dedicated and ethical group of dynamic and intelligent professionals, well qualified in both risk management and business. We are generally concerned with individual & group health insurance mainly for the yachting industry and we pride ourselves in changing our industry for the better of our clients, by bucking trends and refusing to stand still like most other insurance firms. We work with carriers and insurance companies all over the world to constantly upgrade and develop new products for the future, with better benefits and lower costs for crew and the yachting industry in general.

Good corporate governance, strict adherence to ethical business practices, and careful planning and risk control over every aspect of our business, is reflected in the team we have put together; and we are proud of the firm's reliability, professionalism and accountability in all of the business, services and products that we offer.

Azure Yacht Crew Health's mission has been clear from the start; we are an insurance broker, which means that we work for and protect our clients, not insurance companies.

We strive to achieve from our private clients and investors, recognition of the firm's reliability, professionalism and accountability in all of the insurance business, services and products that we offer; while ensuring long term growth and success through a careful but fresh, dynamic and imaginative approach


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