With the Nautilus, OCEA Yachts has shown that an exploration yacht can also be an icon of design. Its pure, long lines gracefully blend into the scenery. Its broad picture windows and full-width master suite on the main deck embrace the most beautiful panoramas. Its large tenders beckon you towards discovery. The easy-boarding feature makes access to it so simple. Philippe Briand has put forward three lengths for this design but it is naturally up to you to determine the size of your OCEA Nautilus!

Designer Philip Briand says, “I have known the founders of OCEA for many years, our careers have run in parallel... We have always got on well together even though we have never had the opportunity to work with each other until now. The specifications for the OCEA Nautilus range of yachts are based on two opposing constraints: how to carry a large tender on the main aft deck without compromising the habitable volume. The boat has been designed around this idea and that of a beautiful exploration yacht.”

Briand believes the interest of a project always lies in the challenge and the novelty... In addition, the ideas must closely match the DNA of the shipyard. In this particular case, everything gels: OCEA has a double culture, that of functional boats subject to numerous constraints and that of long-range yachts.

All OCEA yachts share one trait: before being yachts, they are boats with recognised sailing qualities conducive to high performance and efficiency. With their excellent level of seakeeping, first-class sailing stability, ability to tackle and cross any ocean in any weather conditions, ease of manoeuvring, and sturdiness, they can safely explore the most distant shores, whether journeying through polar regions or tropical zones. The only limit in their maritime travels is the owner’s imagination! 

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