Joe Yuen: Founding Member and former Treasurer of APSA

 APSA: When did you join APSA and why did you join?

Joe Yuen I joined APSA after attending the Singapore Yacht Show and Superyacht Conference in 2010, before I knew anything about superyacht owners taking their yachts on global voyages. Colin Dawson, who was the APSA Chairman at the time, suggested I should offer my local services to visiting superyachts coming to Hong Kong. I saw the potential in this market and gave it a try. By joining APSA, I was able to work with other APSA members who were superyacht agents, and I was able to promote Asia as a superyacht destination.

APSA: What led you to work in the Superyacht industry?

Joe Yuen: I was born in Hong Kong and attended boarding school in Florida where I saw many beautiful yachts. After I returned to Hong Kong, I joined a company building boats in China for a few years, and then started my own company, Lodestone Yachts in 2008. My first superyacht experience was clearing in a 48m Benetti in 2012. It’s been 10 years since I first started in this industry.

APSA: What is the focus of your work and experience in the Superyacht industry?

Joe Yuen: My business is highly focused on quality of service and customer care. In recent years,  many superyachts have come to Hong Kong, and the owners are facing different challenges; i.e.; marina berthing, crew training and local regulations. In 2016, I joined BURGESS as Head of Yacht Management Services, and in 2019 became BURGESS Chief Representative, Hong Kong and Macau. With the growing local superyacht market, I can utilise my knowledge to advise yacht owners on new purchases and yacht management.  

APSA: What interests do you have outside of the marine industry?

Joe Yuen: My work is also my hobby, so I enjoy boating and water sports with friends. You can find me in Deepwater Bay or Sai Kung on the weekends.

APSA: Where are you based now and what do you enjoy about Hong Kong?

Joe Yuen: My home and office are both located in the southside of Hong Kong, which has everything on offer in such a compact and unique city. You can find heritage sites next to high rises all around town. I enjoy spending time exploring the coastline and beaches around Hong Kong; Bluff Island is one of my many favourites. 

APSA How has the superyacht industry changed over the years, and how do you see it moving forward in the future?

Joe Yuen: With higher numbers of superyacht ownership, experienced Captains and crew are in high demand. New superyachts have all the latest technology installed - advanced control and monitoring systems to protect the environment and passengers. Hong Kong really needs to have yacht training facilities and university programmes for crew members and engineers to support this growing industry.

Ocean conservation and green energy is the future. Everyone has a part in keeping the ocean clean and safe. Owners should be more environmentally conscious and demand cleaner and more energy efficient products when purchasing their new superyachts. With better yachts and trained crew, this will make yachting more pleasurable for everyone!

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