JETSETTER choose Pelagos Yachts’ mini-ISM

Pelagos ventured to Italian shores this month to install our mini-ISM system on board MY JETSETTER.

JETSETTER is a beautiful 126ft custom motor yacht built by Dynamique in Italy in 2016. Now she is commercially registered in the Isle of Man, our system was installed by Capt Allan Albiston who is the ISM co-ordinator for Pelagos Yachts.

Mini-ISM has been specifically developed for vessels over 24m and under 500GT and is a legal requirement for all commercial vessels. It is also strongly recommended that wherever possible, all yachts under 500GT adopt and maintain a mini-ISM System.


Jetsetter’s captain Michael Ingram was delighted with the implementation and comprehensive package.
JETSETTER choose Pelagos Yachts’ mini-ISM

“It’s great to have someone so knowledgeable to help us get everything set up.” Allan can be seen here during his recent visit to the yacht, where both table top and practical issues are reviewed in conjunction with the Captain and the Crew.

Currently in Phuket, Allan is on board the 75M sloop “M-5”, auditing our existing mini-ISM system which has been in place for a number of years now. If you would like more information on our mini-ISM or other services please visit our web site, or contact

By Pelagos Yachts

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