Introducing the Next Generation 360° Interior Concept

Boutsen Design, Icon Connect and The Lighting Edition, respected specialists in their respective fields, announce their innovative collaboration.

There is nothing more satisfying and exciting than finally finding and purchasing a property that meets all your criteria. A property in the right area, with a good layout and flow, excellent investment potential and that suits your lifestyle perfectly. This is an accomplishment in itself and worthy of celebration. This is the first step in your quest.

The next step however is something even more inspiring, making this property your home. A reflection of your personality, taste and vision. Often this incorporates interior design alterations, decoration, lighting enhancement, adding the latest technology features and security. Successful individuals value their time and understand the importance of intelligent solutions and an integrated approach.

The 360° Concept has been created to offer this solution. The project can be managed by a single point of contact and where the estimation of costs are given in advance to make the financial planning easier. This service includes project management, finding reliable skilled contractors, interior design and decoration, expert built-in lighting design and installation, State-of-the-Art SMART home technology and security systems. The integrated approach logically saves time and money, not to mention the practical advantage for the client to communicate his selections and input in the most efficient way possible.

The key companies who have created the concept are Icon Connect, Boutsen Design and The Lighting Edition based in Monaco, France and the UK. An international consortium of highly respected specialists with all the necessary local know-how and contacts to realise your property ambitions.

Should you have already found you dream property or are considering purchasing one, invite us to advise you on what your renovation and decoration options are.

Our first consultation is free and it would be our pleasure to meet you.

By Boutsen Design

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