Indies Trader Launches Apparel Division

Wheelhouse, MV Indies Trader, Beran Island, Republic Of The Marshall Islands, 08-27-2021

Iconic surf charter company ‘Indies Trader’ is proud to announce the launch of its apparel division via a timepiece collaboration with watch-maker The Sacred Crafts. Set for release 4th quarter 2021, this watch has been in development since early 2020, along with a 17-piece clothing range and limited-edition alcohol line – all part of the MV Indies Trader’s 50-year commemorative collection, (the iconic vessel first put to sea in 1971).

“When we first connected with The Sacred Crafts we were blown away by the perfect alignment of values,” says Captain Martin Daly, chairman and founder of Indies Trader. “A watch constructed with reclaimed boat prop and anchor chain metals, driven with the best quality Swiss Movement available… there’s something intrinsically ‘Indies Trader’ about this – ingenuity, practicality, resourcefulness, quality, originality.

“The MV Indies Trader has a storied history of salvage diving, treasure hunting and surf charter. She was purpose-built by her first owner Dave Barnett specifically for salvage and treasure hunting. This watch reflects that history brilliantly, and is the perfect way to launch the new Indies Trader Apparel division.”

The watch is a limited-edition release, capped at 50 marked and numbered units that come with an extensive accessories kit and will be available through ( and


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