IMS Bunkering hits new highs

A year ago IMS launched their mission to improve the quality of fuel in Indonesia in the form of a prototype barge kitted out with the best filtration systems available. A year later they are reporting record sales and supplying most of the visiting superyachts with clean, low sulphur fuel at great prices.

The Barge operates in Benoa harbour, Bali but also regularly delivers to nearby Serangan and has proven a huge success with local ships and visiting Superyachts.

"We needed quality and to get quality we needed control," says IMS Chief Engineer Alberto Pisaneschi. "Our own barge was the only way we could do this. It started with lining the tanks so that they are spotless. We fitted pre filters and then a 1 micron delivery filter to ensure only the cleanest fuel gets delivered".

The IMS team sources the lowest Sulphur fuel available and independently tests each batch to ensure the numbers are correct.

"There is a lot of bad fuel on the market in Indonesia, despite only one primary supplier (Pertamina). Every order, there is often some guy who quotes an unrealistic price and we all know how he has achieved it and that's bad news for the clients. What IMS does for our clients is take the guess work out. We stand by our product, our standards and our team to ensure corners are not cut and clients get what they pay for."

It seems to be working as IMS Bunkering is reporting a record year with many happy clients. Plans are already in process for a second IMS Bunker Barge in Raja Ampat which will be a huge bonus in this amazing cruising area. Watch this space!

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