IGL Coatings is Now a Proud Member of APSA

During the Singapore Yacht Show (SYS) 2018, IGL Coatings was introduced to the seafaring committee, including the prestigious Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association (APSA).

We are absolutely excited and thrilled to be apart of the APSA.

But, before we start celebrating, let's find out what the buzz is all about with APSA. What exactly is APSA, why we chose to join APSA and what this will mean for APSA members as well as distributors & accredited detailers?


Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association (abbreviated APSA) is the leading professional and regional yacht industry association for Asia; and the first ever cross-country association established in Asia.
Working to actively promote members in the Asian yacht businesses and for worldwide yacht businesses that want to do business in Asia, they promote the South, South East and Eastern Asia region to the global superyacht community as one of the world’s three main cruising regions.

Achieved through collaborative promotional activities, sponsored social events and international yacht shows such as Monaco, Fort Lauderdale, Singapore and Thailand Yacht Show; and direct promotional activities year round to proactively connect their members with Captains and Owners.

And APSA is a non-profit association and was fully incorporated in Hong Kong in April 2011, to boot. So you know they're doing it right since 2011.


APSA has grown into much more: a platform not only for the exchange of business cards and email addresses, but for the business interests of the yachting industry in Asia as a whole. It has become a very active organisation & networking has substantially improved both in quality and quantity. 

Undoubtedly a very important platform for the yachting community around Asia, especially for Hong Kong, where the benefit of marine economy is, unfortunately, being neglected. It is important to arouse the public awareness of the advantage that marine industry can bring to Hong Kong and Asia.

Engagement with APSA networking opportunities has proven a useful and enjoyable business development platform. We look forward to continuing our support for APSA and its membership in the further development of the yachting industry across the Asia region.

We've heard only good words from the members. And we felt very much welcomed during the sharing session in SYS2018. This led us to the decision of aligning ourselves with APSA as they have proven to be among the industry's trusted name.


IGL Coatings is the formulator & manufacturer of eco friendly products that can pack a punch. Trusted around the world and used in over 44 countries, we promise only the best quality protection for your vehicle on land and on water!

Our specially made product for marine vehicle is the ecocoat marine. It can be applied on the area above or below the water line. A bottle could easily protect your boats & your piers from unwanted barnacle growth.

A ceramic coating that provides a layer of protection, ecocoat marine protects the boat from UV rays, scratches and barnacles. Thanks to our product's hydrophobicity, it also makes cleaning much easier. It is most effective when used on vessels and aquatic structures such as piers. Watch one of our accredited detailers working with ecocoat marine here!

Ecocoat marine is a REACH compliant anti-fouling coating developed specifically for high UV, salt and water immersion resistance. It adheres and crosslinks strongly onto gelcoat, polyurethane, acrylic paint and other anti-fouling paint.

If you'd like to read more about IGL Coatings products and what we can offer for your whole vessel, click here! We have products suitable for various types of surfaces such as paint, glass, metal, plastic & fabric (water repellent seats, anyone?)

We can't wait to join events organised & sponsored by APSA to further expand our knowledge as well as to share our own experience when it comes to protecting marine vehicles the right way.

By IGL Coatings


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