$200 Million Superyacht Hub Unveiled

Australia is set to become one of the world’s premier superyacht destinations under plans for a new $200 million maintenance and refit hub unveiled by Rivergate Marina and Shipyard.  The proposed expansion of the internationally acclaimed shipyard would be the catalyst for a major increase in superyacht visitation to Australia and the wider Pacific region due to its capability to service large luxury vessels over 50 metres.

The expansion would provide a syncrolift capable of lifting superyachts of up to 3,000 tonnes for vital inspections, maintenance, repairs and refits. Other plans include a hardstand with capacity for multiple superyachts, three large refit sheds, two in water service berths, a 5-storey Trade Centre with offices, training rooms, café, crew accommodation, crew recreation facilities, and extensive car parking.

“We know that there is substantial pent-up demand among superyacht owners to visit our region, which is currently hampered by the lack of adequate lifting, repair and refit facilities,” said Rivergate Director Tom Hill.  “The world is experiencing a superyacht building boom and the average size of these vessels is also increasing, so the expansion of Rivergate is ideally timed to accommodate this growth and make our region much more accessible for superyachts,” he said.

“Rivergate is by far the best place in Australia for a superyacht hub due to its central east coast location, proximity to an international airport, deep water access, year-round safe climate and abundant supply of skilled trades. The multi award-winning Rivergate Marina and Shipyard was established in 2006 and is now recognised as one of the top three shipyards in the world. It is widely respected by superyacht owners and crew for its highly-skilled trades, safe environment and warm hospitality.

Rivergate is already Australia’s most successful and experienced superyacht centre after servicing more than 300 vessels over the past 14 years, with recent visitors including MY Amatasia, MY Promise, MY Ramble on Rose, MY Ningaloo and MY No Comment. The planned expansion will dramatically increase the shipyard’s capabilities, create the largest facility in the Asia Pacific region capable of lifting out and servicing multiple superyachts, and put Rivergate and Australia firmly on the map as a priority superyacht destination.

“Australia, the South Pacific and Southeast Asia have some of the most exciting superyacht cruising grounds in the world, including the Great Barrier Reef on the Queensland coast and many spectacular tropical islands and secluded escapes on Rivergate’s doorstep,” said Hill.

“Under our plans, Rivergate will provide superyacht owners and captains with the assurance of knowing that a conveniently located, world-class shiplift, hardstand and refit centre is available during their visits to this untapped region.”  Hill paid tribute to the Queensland Government for its visionary Superyacht Strategy, which recognised the tremendous opportunity the superyacht industry provided, and the significant job creation and economic contribution the Rivergate expansion would bring to Australia. Plans for the expansion are at an advanced stage with a Development Application lodged and construction ready to commence in 2021.

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