HFW Comprehensively Yachts May 2023

HFW Yachting Industry Briefing Editorial: As we enter another Mediterranean yacht season, with yachts and crews engaging in last minute tweaks before owners and guests start their first cruises of the year, we are pleased to bring you a bumper edition of Comprehensively Yachts.

In keeping with our commitment to include discussion of at least one environmental matter or initiative in each edition, we begin with a look at yachting’s role in the development of future sustainable technology and some of the support available to owners and managers in their journey to more sustainable yachting.

With the extended detention by the UK authorities of motor yacht PHI once again back in the news, our sanctions experts consider briefly the latest developments in that case. A yacht is nothing without its crew and a happy crew can only be beneficial for owner and charter guests alike. Our employment colleagues consider whether the yachting industry is doing enough, and the steps that can be taken to ensure a positive working environment on board and to reduce the risk of negative incidents and the potential legal liability that goes with them.

Next our British Virgin Islands team review the impact of the recent blacklisting of the British Virgin Islands by the EU Council and how things may develop from here. With a growing list of yacht casualties, we finish with a detailed analysis from our admiralty and crisis management colleagues of recent yacht casualty trends and some suggestions for how the risk of a serious incident or even a total loss might be mitigated.

If you have any questions on any of the content, or suggestions for other topics you would like to see covered in the next edition, please contact a member of the HFW yacht team.

William MacLachlan


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