Hawk Yachts challenges the yacht industry status quo

It is time for investment return to be at the forefront of yacht ownership.

For some time, Hawk Yachts has been contemplating the superyacht market; its sustainability and indeed its attractiveness to a potential wider audience. There is no lack of potential buyers, as the rich list expands annually, however, it is the Hawk Yachts view that there are major stumbling blocks, the main one being, enormous associated waste and high-costs of entry and maintenance. These costs seem to be spiralling and clearly this is a major barrier to entry for the 97% who could afford a superyacht but currently do not own one. In short, the industry needs to be challenged. Our ASKWHY? campaign addresses these anomalies by providing the answers to key questions being asked of the superyacht industry.

At the Singapore Yacht Show APSA Lounge in April, we will present the Cape Hawk 690, this is a yacht ownership concept capable of delivering an investment return.

Central to Hawk Yachts’ new philosophy, is our global explorer concept, which naturally ties in with today’s young UHNWIs desire to experience rather than simply own a vessel. Hawk Yachts create superyachts that run as profit-making enterprises, whilst also catering to the adventurous. Hawk Yachts will be marketing the use of these vessels through agents that organise experiential luxury travel, as well as through the traditional charter channels, further distancing the concept from the usual 3 per cent. The Cape Hawk 690 has an LOA of 47.45m, is 688gt, has a range of 5,000Nm and is capable of being self-sufficient for up to 6 weeks.

See the new concept on our website www.hawkyachts.com, or call Nick Lockett on +33687511259.

By Hawk Yachts

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