Global Marine Travel forms an Alliance with Air Juan to service Subic Bay

Global Marine Travel GMT who’s largest global office is located in Makati, Manila has recently been working with Air Juan, a Seaplane company, whose planes land and take off in Manila Bay. The planes use Subic Bay as a base. Subic Bay is fast becoming a hub for Super Yachts visiting the area as there are many first class facilities in available in Subic, including, dockage, refueling opportunities dry dock facilities and experienced port agency services headed up by former Super Yacht Captain Brian Gillies and his wife Bhing (http://spdsinc.com).

Recently the Seaplanes have been chartered to fly down island to resupply Super Yachts with provisions and to facilitate crew changes. It’s an excellent service and badly needed in the Manila area, said Tim Davey, President of Global Marine Travel GMT. The Philippines has so much to offer outside of Manila for the Super Yacht community and now that we have the ability to charter Seaplanes locally we can increase service to our clients in the area. I encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the Subic Bay area and the options that are available to Super yachts, Davey added.


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