Fuegy saves clients serious money via increased fuel efficiency

"If anyone owns a boat call Al. We're shocked to find out our fuel costs have gone down so much because his fuel is so much more efficient than our old supplier.

We've just worked out our annual fuel cost has been reduced by more than 50% since we started using Fuegy even though the number of charters has increased by 30%. Their fuel is cleaner/safer for our engines and more efficient- it's a no brainier if you own a boat. We love you Fuegy Limited” Jess Hargraves, owner Hong Kong Yachting. 

We love feedback like this. Our clean pristine fuel means far greater efficiency for our clients. No water or foreign matter. Just pure diesel, meaning you get far more milage while keeping your engine in the best possible condition. Experience the Fuegy difference today.

By Fuegy 

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