Flexible Work Schedules for GMT Travel

Given all the ways that COVID-19 has changed and is still changing the world, it is entirely possible that the pandemic is a tipping point for enacting flexible or entirely at-home work schedules. Many companies that have already implemented these flexible working policies such as Global Marine Travel (GMT), have observed worker productivity soar.


Even prior to the pandemic, GMT was moving towards a ‘work from home’ based model with most travel consultants being set-up remotely and fully operational in the comforts of their own homes. “Eliminating the daily commute for our colleagues is both good for their well-being and for the planet by lowering our overall carbon footprint. We’ve also learned that this kind of flexibility can help promote a better work/life balance, and that’s important to us,” says Tim Davey, Managing Director of GMT.

As GMT continues to think more about our collective impact on the environment, we’ve created an eco-friendly pledge to stop to buying single-use plastic water bottles for our offices, switching to reusable glass water bottles and filtered coolers. “With this change, significantly less plastic waste is being tossed out each month and it is our hope that our colleagues continue the same pledge in their daily lives,” said Mr. Davey. In addition to reducing our own plastic waste, GMT has conducted severa beach cleanupsl  in Fort Lauderdale to combat pollution in our local community. The clean-up events have acted as excellent team building exercises – allowing for the group to get together outdoors while being socially distanced.

“Overall, the benefits of flexible working arrangements far outweigh any negatives and GMT is proud to offer these types of options to our colleagues to keep the business thriving while also reducing our carbon footprint, boosting morale and improving operating efficiencies,” concludes Mr. Davey.

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