Fare types, Marine fare rules & the Airline checks on Marine fare usability

With the ever growing awareness of Marine Fares, it is imperative to be updated on the eligibility of these fares as Airlines are adhering to strict rules on who can and cannot use them.

When these rules are enforced by the airlines, it could result in outcomes that may affect or damage day to day business. I.e. Airlines refusing passenger boarding, a cost implication of the full online fare, and even a fine towards your travel agent which could result in the removal of a travel agents Marine fares contracts.

Please see below on a brief guide to various fare types within the airline industry & the most recently updated rules that come with Marine Fares.

A brief guide to fare types:


  • Fully flexible for date and time changes
  • Usually fully refundable
  • Extra baggage allowance


  • Changes permitted for a fee plus any fare difference
  • Refunds permitted minus a fee or in some cases wholly non-refundable
  • Standard baggage allowance


  • No changes or refunds permitted
  • No hold baggage allowance – purchasable for a fee


  • Changes permitted for a fee plus any fare difference for their higher fares
  • Non-refundable for their lower fares
  • No hold baggage allowance – purchasable for a fee
  • Limited airport support in cases of flight cancellation or delay
  • Usage of secondary airports with sometimes limited infrastructure or transport links

Marine Fare Rules:

Each airline has very different rules. The following rules listed below are the general rules within our industry. Further to that are the general airline rules for Lufthansa & Air France as a general insight into the types of rules surrounding Marine Fares. Please check with your travel agent or preferred airline for rules adhering to the airline you intend to travelling with.


  • Seaman traveling to and from a vessel and have a seaman book and/or a letter from the vessel stating the name of the vessel and the intent to travel with said vessel.
  • Staff employed to work on a vessel, but not a registered seaman but who are added to the manifest
  • A wife/husband of a seaman traveling to/from vessel and who has been added to the ship’s manifest
  • Engineers, constructers, surveyors, and superintendents traveling to/from vessel to carry out work on a vessel whether in dock or at sea.
  • Yacht delivery and superyacht crew travelling to/from the vessel
  • Vessels in dry dock or being built/repaired


Marine & Offshore net fares are valid for persons who have an active seagoing duty and work on board either a cruise vessel, a yacht exceeding 100 tones and professionally managed by a ship or yacht management company, a Research Vessel or a ship belonging to a merchant marine, any persons who qualify under a specified government order seaman fare and marine employees travelling to/from floating oil rigs which are maneuverable under their own power.

In all cases, passengers travelling with a Marine & Offshore net fare ticket must be travelling to/from a vessel, a yacht or floating oil rig where they will be/were included on the crew manifest. Excepted are ship's inspectors and technical staff travelling to/from new-buildings or vessels in harbour or dry dock. In addition the fares are valid for persons contracted and travelling to perform services on:

      -     Offshore or Onshore Oil or Gas rigs and associated installations.         

      -     Alternative energy installations - for example wind or wave-power farms.   

      -     Drilling, submersible and exploratory vessels.                                                                

      -     Mining                                                                                                                                                                               

Eligible employment categories:                                                                      

  1. a) Ship's crew / floating oil rig workers / cruise ship concessionaires e.g. hairdressers or entertainers / ship's inspectors and technical staff travelling to/from new-buildings or vessels in harbour or dry dock / spouses and children/youth (below 16 years of age) travelling with crew member or to/from a vessel where the active crew member is signed on.

      -     Employees involved in the day-to-day operational running of the above installations such as:

      -     Drilling, loading, service and diving or repositioning crews.      

      -     Geologists, engineering, mechanic and scientific staff.                                                          

      -     Sub-contractors providing auxiliary services, support, training and maintenance services.                                        


  1. Eligibility

Persons who are joining for, or leaving from, active seagoing duty or work on board:         - A Merchant Marine vessel (including Cruise Liners and Dredgers) registered with Lloyds and weighing in excess of 100gwt, or professionally managed commercial yachts exceeding 100 gwt and 30m in length.

- Also included are the following types only of specialist vessels deployed in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry meeting the criteria above:



Pipe and Cable laying

Heavy Lift /Crane / Derrick Barges    

Platform Supply Vesssels PSV/OSV    

Anchor Handling/Tug    

Also included are vessels meeting the criteria above which are in dock, either under repair or under construction (new buildings).

Besides seamen on active seagoing duty the following categories of workers are eligible:     Engineers/technicians/contractors/inspectors/maintenance staff travelling to carry out work on the vessel whether in dock or at sea.

Cruise ship crew including on-board entertainers and medical staff   

The following categories are NOT eligible to use the Air France/KLM Marine fares:    

- Spouses, children and infants    

- Oil and Gas exploration and production workers travelling to/from any type of land or offshore rig/platform whether fixed, floating or manoeuvrable  under its own power, i.e. Fixed, Compliant Towers, Semi-submersible, Jack-up, Tension leg, Spar rigs/platforms.

- Office based staff     

- All countries National Navy officers and staff EXCEPT WHEN EMPLOYED ON A MERCHANT MARINE VESSEL.

- Travel for on board vessel visits, meetings, sales visits, family visits, courses/training, medicals and conferences.

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