Expansion Toys & Tenders Team

Toys & Tenders is proud to announce that as of the 1st of June 2019 Ralph Laurent Spee will join their team as Global Sales Director.

Ralph is a true watersport and super-yacht industry sales professional and besides that, salt water seems to run through his veins.

Due to his vast experience as sales director for several boat yards and high end water related side projects Ralph has an extended knowledge of the watersport industry, the superyacht industry as well as the hyper-car and private-jet industry. Being familiar with business cultures ranging from The Middle East, Russia, Asia, Amerika back to Europe, where Ralph’s roots are grounded, makes him an expert in international sales. Ralph has a predilection for gaining technical knowledge about boat building and naval architecture which contributes to his substantial professionalism.

When not busy augmenting Toys & Tenders as thé household name in all watertoys, tenders, super-yacht accessories, hyper-car and aviation needs, Ralph likes to explore the world by sailing yacht or carrying his surfboard to exotic breaks.

Ralph's main ambition in the next couple of years is to create a transparant and coherent scope into the complex and rapidly changing world of all above mentioned super-yacht enriching gadgets and practical wanna haves.

By Toys & Tenders

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