Effective Covid-19 programme from Swiss Ocean and Vikand

Swiss Ocean and Vikand have teamed up to create a concrete and effective Covid-19 programme for charter and private yachts. As the world struggles with the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the yachting industry continues to function - albeit with new challenges such as travel restrictions, freight issues and contractual difficulties for charter yachts. First-hand reports from the popular hotspots for yachts, however, clearly show a lack of control onboard many yachts in the active prevention of the spread of the virus.

What is lacking is an effective risk management programme. This is evident from crew joining vessels, lack of screening equipment available onboard, to guests stepping on and off without any control or testing. Furthermore, a significant lack of knowledge among crew is evident, highlighting the need for professional guidance. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Swiss Ocean has been one of the most pro-active management companies, establishing clear protocols and measures well beyond local or IMO guidance.

Swiss Ocean has now launched a collaboration with Vikand Medical Solutions to establish a complete package for Covid-19 risk management.

This package includes:

  • Procedures and protocols for crew and owner/guest pre-joining, boarding and while onboard, with minimum interference to operations
  • On-board testing equipment solutions (PCR and Antigen), PPE and sanitation equipment
  • Full response plan in case a positive case identified onboard.
  • Shore-based support
  • Access to network of medical professionals and Civid-19 test facilities.

Another optional solution that can be added to the package is the PyureTM Hydroxyl system for continuous cleaning and disinfection of air and surfaces. This solution has been proven on MS2, a WHO and FDA-recognized surrogate for Covid-19. It eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in the air within 10 to 20 minutes, and is also highly efficient against mould and odours such as cigarette smells, solvents, cleaning chemicals etc. It installs easily and quickly into the existing HVAC system of any yacht with minimum intervention. \

There is also the option of an even more comprehensive 24/7 medical assistance package including, but not limited to:

  • World-wide network of medical professionals and doctors
  • TeleMed access hotline • Monthly house doctor calls
  • Emergency and urgent care
  • Respiratory and Chest Conditions management
  • Mental Health support
  • Chronic disease management With structure and control onboard, the risk of a Covid-19 infection can be drastically reduced, preventing serious health issues, operational disruptions and legal consequences for both owners, guests, crew and management companies.

For more information contact: Anton Meitmann +49 152 063 58 742

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