Discussions with Peter Mahony on Benetti’s Oasis Deck

Discussions with Peter Mahony on Benetti’s Oasis Deck

APSA: Who are the new generation of superyacht Oasis Owners who wish for a less formal lifestyle? What are the demographics of this group: male/female, young families, extended families (grandparents to grandchildren), other? And what do you mean when you say authentically marine-based and blissfully social?

Peter Mahony: Indeed, we are seeing younger buyers in Hong Kong and China who are keen on more onboard activities and yachts that are capable of entertaining large groups. The popularity of our Oasis series has demonstrated this market shift, where the focus is on fun and entertaining with family and friends, and also the desire to spend longer periods onboard. This is what we mean by authentically marine-based and blissfully social. People are no longer seeing yachts as luxury transportation, but more as a home with global mobility. The yacht is multifunctional, with features such as customised galley arrangements and personalised appliance choices. Mah-jong tables, for instance, maybe installed or a specific layout of indoor and outdoor spaces, for optimal social interaction. We are attracting young and well-informed buyers who are already familiar with large luxury yachts.

The launch of the new Benetti Oasis 40M yacht caters to the changing tastes of customers, who are beginning to value peace and relaxation over formal opulence. In my experience over the last couple of decades, tastes have always changed but I think that now we're looking at a bigger shift in what people want: they still want something unique and impressive but at the same time they want something more relaxed and informal. The owners and the guests can have much easier access to less formal activities and services, which we feel makes their experience more relaxed.

APSA: Of the five design features of the OASIS DECK™ is there any one that is more important than the others? Or are they all equally important to the new generation of superyacht owners, and how important is the pool in the design concept?

Peter Mahony: We can say they are equally important to our buyers because the combination of the five features can provide our owner with an authentic experience at the sea and the owners would be willing to stay longer on board because of these features. As you board the yacht and walk across the platform, you are immediately in contact with the whole space, which includes the huge swimming pool, the extensive fixed sun pads, the full complement of social seating, the upper terrace, the exterior dining, and bar are, and even the main saloon with an internal cocktail bar. Nearly 50% of the Main Deck is dedicated to the OASIS DECK™.

APSA: How does the OASIS DECK™ change when the size of the superyacht changes? Is there a perfect size of yacht for the OASIS DECK™? Is bigger better is the new flagship B.NOW 72M OASIS the perfect size for the OASIS DECK™?

The principles of the Oasis deck have been consistent from the 34M through to the 72M. The choice of yacht size is more related to typical uses of space in varying yacht sizes throughout the years. Therefore, we would not consider one Oasis as better than another, each is part of a package that suits different owners’ requirements

APSA: What are the trends and hidden desires of the new generation of superyacht owners that push the design team and how important is fitness and health in the future of the OASIS DECK™?

Peter Mahony: In my experience over the last couple of decades, tastes have always changed but I think that we’re looking at a bigger shift in what people want nowadays: they still want something unique but at the same time they want something more relaxed. We are investing more and more in R&D. This new generation of owners are definitely more concerned about eco/sustainability, and so designers are including more and more eco-friendly solutions in their work, additionally responding to the new regulations that are passed almost every year. We can see that the yachting industry is becoming much more aware of its responsibility towards future generations and the environment.

APSA: Marco Valle, Azimut/Benetti Group’s CEO, says, “It’s easy to imagine a future where, for a growing number of superyacht owners, the essential onboard spaces will include the sun deck, upper deck, bridge deck, and the Oasis Deck.” Is the Oasis Deck becoming more important than the other areas with the new generation on superyacht owners?

We cannot say the Oasis Deck™ feature is more important than other areas but the owners of larger yachts are expressing their fascination with the OASIS concept. Appreciation for the concept proves that aiming to build a relationship with the sea (and the lifestyle that comes with it) through design is consistently important to customers. Benetti and RWD have created the blueprint for OASIS LIFE, which is now rapidly spreading in recognition and adoption throughout the industry. And with this success, Benetti quickly expands the Oasis family with the Oasis 34M, smaller and with a completely different engineering package, still offering the same now-famous five features of the OASIS DECK™. And the B.Now 50M and B.Now 58M, 66M, 72M can also be ordered with an OASIS DECK™, which takes full advantage of the larger canvas.

Thanks to Peter Mahony, GM of Benetti Yachts Asia

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