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GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman; 20 April 2017 One of Cayman Registry’s newbuild surveyors, Senior Surveyor Jo Assael, attended two exciting newbuilds last month preparing for their deliveries in 2017, and takes us through what a newbuild survey may entail.

The first survey was on board a new 98m yacht from Abeking and Rasmussen, moored alongside their Lemwerder, Germany facility. The vessel will soon be available for delivery. This will be the largest yacht Abeking and Rasmussen have built to date, and the first in their new larger facilities, to the Large Yacht Code (LY3). In preparation for the surveys, the Cayman Registry surveyor will carry out review and plan approval of the different new-build documentation to ensure compliance with the yacht codes and international conventions.

As Cayman Registry have been following the design and build of this project from the inception over 3 years ago, regular visits have built a great working relationship with the yard team to ensure that all of their queries for yacht code & statutory compliance have been answered. Once on board, the surveyor verifies that the various requirements of the Large Yacht Code has been addressed in the construction of the vessel. Together with the class surveyor the inventory of fire safety systems and life-saving appliances are tested for compliance with the codes. Emergency scenarios are simulated, testing power and lighting requirements and the functioning of other systems of the vessel. This allows the owner and the crew to have confidence in the safety of the vessel. They can be confident in the fact that as a Cayman Flagged vessel designed and built to the Large Yacht Code, safety of those on board and that of the marine environment have been held to the highest standards.

The next project is the latest launch from Lurssen Yachts in Aumund. Passenger yachts, are more complex in their construction and arrangements due to their ability to carry more passengers and being certificated as a passenger ship. The extent of the surveys of these vessels reflect this. On board, the surveyor inspects safety features on board, such as the low location lighting and safety signage on escape routes. With these larger passenger yachts being much more akin to a cruise ship in size than a traditional yacht, so are the safety features, designed to accommodate more persons (up to 36 passengers under the Passenger Yacht Code(PYC)) in safety and comfort.

Our surveyors will also normally take the opportunity to visit other nearby yards to discuss the progress and any issues with the project managers and key personnel for their projects. This permits open dialog between Yard, Class society, Flag state and Owner’s Team which allows for a smooth build and delivery.

By Cayman Islands Shipping Registry


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